Eco-Friendly Boxes Ideas

For so long, mother earth has been suffering from increased pollution. This has been due to the type of packaging used. For instance, the oceans are dying from plastic materials which are affecting ocean life. With an increased environmental awareness, companies are slowly switching to eco-friendly packaging. The consumers are also part of the movement as they prefer these type. In years to come, eco-friendly boxes might not be a trend anymore, but a mandatory packaging for companies. And looking forward to such a future, we help in designing these type of boxes and have gathered a few tips to sustainable ecofriendly packaging.

  • Use biodegradable and recyclable materials.

You can move away from the hazardous traditional plastic boxes and adapt the use of recyclable materials. They can be collected and reconstituted for other products while the biodegradable materials reduce pollution. Such boxes include;

  1. Cardboard and paper boxes– besides being reusable, recyclable and biodegradable, these boxes are versatile as well. Hence they can be used in any industry and can be made into whatever shape and size. Cardboard and paper material are considered lightweight but they are strong enough to protect the products during shipping and delivery.
  2. Corn starch boxes – for the food industry, corn starch material can help reduce the negative impact of toxic and non-environmental friendly packaging. The custom boxes Refine Packaging designed and produced for us are biodegradable therefore a good choice.
  3. Biodegradable plastic boxes– this is yet another viable packaging method. The biodegradable plastic has no harm to the environment since it decomposes once it is exposed to sunlight.

Plastics are sturdy and therefore preferred for shipping heavy products. You can ask customers to drop the packages at designated spots so that you can reuse them for other products.

  • Consider unique and innovative materials

There is more to packaging than just the box. There is also the texts and images on the package. They should as well be in line with your eco-friendly goals. Consequently, avoid using harsh chemicals by using inks from food and milk proteins. These sources are renewable and when it comes to recycling, they de-ink easily.

  • Adopt minimalist packaging

Being eco-conscious also means avoiding wastage of space and materials. It is recommended that companies use custom packaging boxes that fit the shape and size of the product.

These are all good ideas for eco-friendly boxes. They help in decreasing a company’s footprint significantly and improve the brands image. The more you use eco-friendly boxes, you become a responsible company to the eyes of the consumers. Additionally, environmental friendly materials are sustainable as they are multipurpose.

As more and more companies awake to the idea of eco-friendly packaging, we can help you create and design these boxes to fit in with your goals and company’s images.