Stainless steel wire spool

Stainless steel wire is made out of different standards of stainless steels. There are variations and grades. These wires are thin and are very much flexible. They are made in lengthy units so that they are rolled to reduce the space for transportation and storage. In rolling, the wires should not be bended beyond the point to dent them. For this reason, spools are used. Spool is a drum shaped object that has raised faces on both ends so that the wire roll is contained in the middle in between the faces.

The use of stainless steel wire is could be seen in all industries. The applications usually involve high tension requirements. Starting from gardening to aerospace applications, their usages vary. The wires are also used to produce other accessories such as nails, bolts and cables in different use cases. There are different grades and standards to manage the thickness, strength and the corrosion resistance properties. The wires usually range up to 8mm in diameter and are circular. The stainless steel 316 wire is used with applications that require strength and corrosion resistance. This is because the 316 steel is both stronger and anticorrosive. The price of the steel wire is also a factor in selection. The stainless steel 304 wire price is much affordable. So it is one of the most used grades of steel wire in the market. These are used along with other stainless steel material or with other accessories and equipment as necessary.